Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day One: Who am I?

I am a 29 year old young mother of 1 beautiful baby boy.  Henry was born March 28th 2008, thus began my life as a stay at home mother.  
As long as I can remember all I have ever wanted to be was a wife and mother. Now I am. Is it everything I ever hoped for? Yes. Is it everything I thought it would be? Nope. It is more! AND, it is not as easy as I thought it would be.  You see, I dreamed of being able to keep thehouse apartment clean, and work from home, all while playing with my baby all day long! HA HA HA! Even though it is rougher than I thought I would never ever in a million years give up staying at home with my 7 month old son.  I may not be rewarded with money at the end of the week, but I am paid with smiles, snuggles and the occasional "ma ma ma". Which I find much more valuable than our US currency. Actually it is more valuable than the Euro, and all the gold in Fort Knox.
I can't imagine missing his milestones just to sit in an office all day to maybe, hopefully, bring in an extra 50 dollars a week.
Lucky for me, my dear dear husband agreed with how valuable it is to be raised by a Stay at home mom and is doing everything in his power to help make my our dream a reality for young Henry.
So, I am going to use my blog to document my life as a stay at home mom, wether it is the difficulty of making ends meet, the joy of Henry hitting a new milestone, or a funny story of how Henry always chooses to have the most explosive diapers at the most inappropriate times.
So, while I hope you all do enjoy this.. it is mostly for me, and for Henry... If I should choose to teach him to read! :) 

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