Sunday, May 23, 2010

Henry and Mommy's (cheap) Day-o-fun! ;)

We started out the day at Holiday World. Our main reason for the trip was so that Henry could ride the Freedom Train. Saying that Henry loved the train was an understatement! He was obsessed! Everyone could hear him chanting "Whoo Whooooo!" all through out the whole ride! He also rode the Indian Canoes, Airplanes, Rockets, Safari Jeeps, and the Old Fashioned Cars, but they all paled in comparison to the train! ;)
We were gifted a Season Pass... so this fun was Free! ;)

We then went to Santa's Candy Castle. OH MY! I totally underestimated this trip! They were having a special for FaceBook Fans. Free Online Chat with an Elf on the Elf network... the children chat with an elf (Henry had Elf Benson) and they go through a series of questions to see if they can be recommended to be on Santa's Good List! Luckily Henry passed with flying colors and received a Good List Certificate! ;) He also was able to make snow with one of the employees owners. This was pure magic to Henry! He had a great time! I did end up splurging on one of their famous Frozen Hot Chocolates! Oh my it was heaven!
Total spent at the Castle was around $4.00.

Then we came home, met up with Chad, and headed to the Birdseye Dairy Barn. OH MY HEAVENS! Not only did we get some great food, and fabulous ice cream... Henry also got to see a real train pass by! The kid was frozen with excitement!!

He also enjoyed his soft drink! ;)

We had a great day!

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