Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 1 E2 28 Day Challenge

Day One! 
I had told myself I was going to start out as a cadet. However, I feel confident enough to jump right in with both feet, full steam ahead with Firefighter level!  
Find more About challenge levels here:

Today I cut out all animal based protein, refined sugar, and oils! 
I had a great day. I wasn't stressed about what I was going to eat, felt confident in my choices, and never went hungry! 

Starting weight 308.4
Height : 5'7"
BMI: 48.3 Morbidly Obese 😳
Dress size: 22

Medical Conditions:
Sleep Apnea
Acid reflux/GERD
Thyroid Cancer

I'm still waiting on my initial blood work, I'll update as soon as I get it. ;) 

Have a good night everyone... I'm getting ready to join in on the simulcast with Rip! 


AJ said...

I'm cheering for you! WhooHooo! You can do it!

chachacha said...

Thank you!! ;)