Monday, November 24, 2008

Can You Feel It?

Thanksgiving will be here in a few days, and I am feeling especially "in the mood" with the season.  I got a jump start on Christmas decorating by assembling my Mother's Christmas tree... which was interestingly gross.  To even find the tree it took pushing past my father's "not so organized" garage cluster-fuck, stepping over a dead deer (tongue hanging out and all..YUM), and squeezing past the 1970 Charger (which was the cleanest thing in there).  So, finally when Dad got home from trying to add to his deceased deer collection in the garage, he pulled out the Christmas decor. As I un-boxed the Christmas tree I stumbled upon a wonderful surprise, it looked like a mouse had thought that the Christmas tree would be a great home!  Uck!  So I had to slowly unpack and vacuum the tree as it came out of the box and then douse it with Lysol! Nothing says Christmas like a fake pre-lit tree that smells like a hospital! Ahhh... Tis the Season!  So I stopped at assembling the tree and will continue the decorating endeavor at my Mother's house on Saturday.  Now I just have to get my apartment clean so I and put up my tree... so my 8 month old can pull it down! 

*please note that no animals were harmed in the writing of this post*
**Please note that the 1 poor dead deer in my father's garage was the only animal that was slayed and will be used for food.

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