Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Bye Christmas... Hello Me!

Christmas went off without a hitch... Henry now has way too many toys!  I have given "operation toy box" to Chad to work on.  He says he is going to build our son a toy box.  Lets see how long it takes and if I get anxious waiting :) . Meanwhile, I am tripping over toys and stubbing my toes on fire-trucks, piercing my foot with building blocks (Chad's... not Henry's!  LOL!) etc, etc, etc.
Henry has really started standing on his own in the past two days.  I am sure walking is not far off.  

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Karla aka Ditzy said...

Love the Henry and Daddy Pics! Sounds like a great Holiday! Hope you have a GREAT New Year!! Henry is getting soooo big! More Pics!! Tee hee!