Tuesday, December 23, 2008

9 Months of Christmas!

So Henry had his 9 month appointment early because the Dr would not be in the week after Christmas. Here are Henry's current stats.  29.75 inches long, 19 lbs and 11 oz!  Tall and skinny (not at all like his mother).  Dr advised us to let the CIO at 4 am to begin and WOW has it ever worked!  Finger foods are now a go!  He has ate green beans (eats them like French Fries!) carrots, Gerber Puffs, Yogurt bites, diced peaches, and Pasta Pick-ups!  He eats like a champ!  He is pulling up on everything, and uses his walk-behind toy like he has been walking his entire life! The Dr said that if he didn't know how old he was he would guess his age to be 11-12 months!
Henry just started clapping this weekend and he waves and claps for Kelly Rippa on Regis and Kelly! LOL!  He already loves the skinny blondes!  Poor baby, I told him he was in for a world of heartache! 
Christmas is fast approaching!  2 more days!  My family always celebrates on Christmas Eve so tomorrow starts our Christmas festivities followed my 3 more days of Christmas!  Our schedule of events is as followed...

24th... Mom and Dad's in Lamar
25th... Henry to open Santa gifts in the morning... Then off to Aunt Kirstie's  at noon... sometime stop by grandma's in Crystal.
26th... Great Aunt Bev's house in Tell City
27th ... we will wrap up our festivities at Chad's Mom's house in Haysville

This is Henry's first Christmas so we hope to make it really special for him.  I have his gifts all ready underneath the tree and he hasn't even tried to mess with them yet!

If you have never tracked Santa before I recommend doing so HERE!  It is so much fun for the kids and adults alike! 

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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