Sunday, December 27, 2009

Crochet. Practice Makes Perfect

Last night I had the overwhelming urge to start my crocheting adventure. So, at 10:15 I hopped in my Ford and headed out for a quick trip to Wal-Mart to pick up my very first set of crochet hooks. My husband was slightly disturbed over the fact that I was obsessed with this and absolutely had to go that very minute, but was supportive of my new endeavor, so he very sweetly postponed our Redbox rental until I returned. I was home with a new beginners crochet kit, and a skein of red yarn by 10:50. ;)
My crocheting adventure had to be postponed when I returned anyway since my 21 month old toddler decided that he was not going to cooperate at bedtime. It took 2 adults and a lot of screaming to finally get him to sleep.
I finally settled in bed with my darling, the movie, my book light, and crochet book by 12:30 am.
Sleep alluded me last night, so I moved to the couch around 3am with my Stephen King novel so I would not disturb my slumbering sweetie. I finally was able to sleep around 6 am and was up again by 8:30 to dress my boys and send them off to great grandma's for the day.
I had big plans of cleaning and organizing the Christmas disaster in our tiny apartment... but my body disagreed. I fell asleep on the couch and did not get started cleaning until around 1pm. As I was cleaning I kept hearing my name... "Charity.... Charity.... you must play with me... come crochet...." I could no longer ignore the urge... I told myself I would just sit down for a few minutes to try out the chain stitch... 15 minutes tops.. then back to cleaning...
Ha ha ha ha! About an hour later my husband and son come in, to a disaster area and me sitting in a pile of red yarn frustrated and cussing!
Those crazy ladies on the internet tutorials make it look so easy!

Fast forward 2 hours later... The chain stitch is now mastered! ;) On to the next... the single stitch! Wait... what is that horrid smell? Great. Time for a diaper change. Any volunteers?

I didn't think so.

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