Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why yes! I am a Slacker!

I haven't posted in a very long time and so very much has happened.
My hopes for 2012 was to be happy and healthy. It turned out to be another difficult year filled with ups and downs, new friends, and new experiences.
 In April I had a mass removed from my right side.  Thank the good lord above that it was benign.

Over the summer my best friend and I went Kayaking.  A few unintentional sacrifices were made to the river gods. The first of which included and iPhone 4, following trips smaller items like my shoes and sunglasses were offered up. I have absolutely fallen in love with Kayaking! I owe it to my dear friend Kaci for taking me along! I look forward to many more trips and many  more offerings to the river!
Kaci and I spent my Cancerversary on the river... it was a beautiful day and I couldn't have picked a better way to celebrate my 1 year than on the river.

The summer ended with the trip of a lifetime. I was offered a once in a lifetime trip to Santa Barbara California to learn to surf! This amazing organization called First Descents. They send cancer survivors and fighters on week-long adventure trips. They let you choose your adventure Kayaking, Surfing, or Rock climbing. First year participants are offered a chance of a travel scholarship if you can not afford the cost of travel.  They paid and arranged everything for me.  It was the most amazing experience of my life... I plan to write about this more in a future post, so keep your eyes out!

After returning from my First Descents trip, I started to notice a steady decline in my health.  Dizzy spells and hot flashes at first and then the symptoms morphed and included chest pain the radiated down my left arm and up into my neck. I have added a Cardiologist into my team of health care professionals. My family doctor has ran a battery of tests blood, x-rays, Treadmill stress test, and an Echo with Doppler.
All tests were clear except for the Echo with Doppler. It showed a minor valve regurgitation that does not require any follow up and is not causing any issues, she also found a minor pericardial effusion.  Read more about Pericardial Effusions here.  Pericardial Effusion is an accumulation of fluid between the heart and the pericardial sac.  The Cardiologist called it Pericarditis and prescribed an anti-inflammatory to try and get rid of the fluid around my heart. Tomorrow I have a follow-up Echo with Doppler to see if the fluid has been reduced.

I was suppose to have my one year i-131 scan back in October, but with my unresolved issue with my chest pain they have decided to post pone it until all of it is resolved.

So that brings me to now. Waiting.

I cant wait to share more with you all about my trip to California! It was amazing! ;)

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MrsJ said...

Kayaking rule #1 - no phones!! haha!! ;) rule #2 - no cameras!! rule #3 - no stupid boys who like to tip over your kayak, unless they are also willing to rescue you! :) Sounds like so much fun. You are such a trooper, Cha. Love you!!