Thursday, February 13, 2014

Check In and Check it Out!

Just wanted to give you all a quick check in and the results of my base line bloodwork. I will also give you a quick run down of what my cardiologist had to say. 

Bloodwork done on 2-1-2014

Total Cholesterol.         178  (< 200) 
Triglycerides.                224  (<150) 
LDL (bad cholesterol)     85  (<100)
HDL (good cholesterol)   48  (>50)
Blood Sugar                   85  (<100)

So, all of the blood work was okay except for the triglycerides and HDL. 
My cardiologist believes it's from my unstable thyroid levels and will be improved once my TSH levels out and they drop my thyroid levels. That will be at my 5 year mark and cure date for my cancer. 

My weight... Check out the myfitness pal tracker to the right... It is an accurate current tracking of my weight. ;) 
Yes, in 10 days on this challenge I have list 10 pounds!  ;) 

What am I eating? My staples at this point seem to be red grapefruit, baked potatoes, rice, and a soup. I have made both a vegan chili and a veggie soup, bananas, frozen mixed fruit. 

I am so glad I chose to participate in this challenge! 


heather said...

Great job!

chachacha said...

Thank you! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That's a fantastic result; keep it up!

chachacha said...

Thank you!

AJ said...

Way to go!

chachacha said...

Thank you! ;)