Friday, February 7, 2014

Engine 2 Day 5

Welcome to day 5 of the Engine 2 28 day challenge!
In 5 days I have lost 8 pounds and an gaining energy! I feel fantastic! 

We are taking our son to see the new Lego movie tonight which poses one small challenge... What do I snack on? 
My friends over at Plant Based Junkies were there with the save! 
If you haven't checked this group out on Facebook, I highly recommend it. 
They sent me a recipe from another Blog called Kid Tested Firefighter Approved

Here is my progress:

The finished product! Fantastic!! 


heather said...

Great job so far. I've been known to sneak in hummus and veggies to a movie. I have a special big purse for illicit activities like this!

chachacha said...

Lol... Yep! I had my "special" purse as well! ;) If they had any kind if healthy option I would have gladly purchased from them... And I think my husband and son made up for me at the snack bar! Lol. ;)