Saturday, August 6, 2011

15 Days Post Thyroid

I went to see my surgeon on Thursday to have the steri strips removed. I must say I am very impressed on the look of the incision. He put it in the perfect spot and as it heals it will become nearly invisible!
The report from my family is that I am very pleasant crabby… lol! I do have to say that the Cytomel is kicking in and doing it's job at helping me feel normal.
My sister is very militant diligent in making sure that I stay active and get out for a walk.

This weekend I even felt good enough to take my son to the Strassenfest. I took him on a train ride and then we walked over to the fest to buy a warm cookie. Then we went again today with my parents who took the grandkids on rides! I lasted about 3 hours and had to call it a night. The heat and humidity is a little more than I can take right now. They are still there as I type this… I get an occasional text letting me know how they are and a picture!

Monday is my appointment with my radiation oncologist. I am going to ask him if going on theReboot program will work for me while on the low iodine restrictions before my scan and RAI. The reboot program is the new juicing craze as seen on the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" . It is very inspirational!

I will leave you with a few pictures! ;)

15 Days Post
Henry on the Spirit of Jasper
Cookie time!
Henry and his PopPop!

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