Monday, March 3, 2014

Challenge Complete!

Yesterday wrapped up the last day of the Engine 2 28 day challenge.
It has been a fantastic month! Just because the challenge is over doesn't mean I am finished. I plan to continue with the program for the foreseeable future. Don't let the fact that the national challenge has ended keep you from starting today!

At the beginning of this challenge I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. In 2011 I was diagnosed with Papillary thyroid cancer.  I have been in remission for 2 and a half years. However, my health had been on a downward spiral since. I struggled to find my new normal. Thyroid replacement pills are an imperfect replacement for such a elegant and complex organ. Every year they take me off my thyroid replacements to undergo testing that requires a small dose of radiation and when they do my weight and health get worse.

I never want to get back to where I was.  I may have no control over some of the things that go on with my body, but finally for the first time in my life I have control over what goes into it.

Over the past 28 days I have lost 20.4 pounds, totally eliminated my acid reflux, reduced the frequency and severity of my migraine headaches, and lost one full pant size! I am sleeping better and have more energy.

Starting weight: 308.4
End weight: 288.0

Starting BMI: 48.3
End BMI: 45.11

I will be getting my follow up blood work in about 2 weeks. I can't wait to see the changes.

I would like to thank you all for your support and words of encouragement over this last month.  I appreciate each and every one of you!


heather said...

Great job!

In Health said...

Please keep blogging as we have come to know you & want to keep up with your progress!

chachacha said...

I will definitely keep blogging! ;)

chachacha said...

Thank you!